Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We have to be Goliath . . .

Everyone wants to be David. It is cool to be David. Oh I'm David, and I killed Goliath. That's cool, right? I say, we have to be Goliath.

For my lovely friends (Kristine, I mean you) who don't keep up with bible tales, the basic story of David and Goliath is as follows: David is a small person who has to fight a giant (Goliath). All he has is a sling shot and three stones. With this inferior weapon and his diminutive size, he is able to bring down the mighty giant. The point of the parable is that even the small guy can take on the giant.

But what if we were the giant? People hate Vegan activists. I have found this out. They are protective of their food. But ask one person to watch a video of factory farming. Ask people to understand the environmental implications of mass producing animals for consumption. Estimates say that Vegans make up about 2% of the world's population. That isn't very many. Right now we are David. And people hate us. But I can't help thinking . . . what if we were Goliath. What if we could be a giant force of change and good in the world. I know in the parable Goliath loses. That isn't the point I'm making. The point is that we need to be Giants. We need to be fearless.

As a difficult and awkward segue, I got upset with my kids the other day about their school work. I just said, "Life Sucks. It is hard. It is hard everyday. But if you are willing to work really hard and face all the challenges, the rewards are immeasurable." I really believe that. I think that is the same with food. It is hard. It is hard to watch a movie like Earthlings (see tomorrow's post--don't you love my teasers?). But if you are going to eat meat, then at least go into it with your eyes wide open.

Maybe I should dedicate this blog to recipes and the challenges of being a Vegan mom in rural America, and I bet 99% of it will end up being that, but for today, and maybe tomorrow, and maybe even the next day, I'm going to start by being a Giant for Veganism. Maybe I can inspire you.

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