Friday, April 6, 2012

Converts and lentils: The Joys of Purple Rice.

I hate evangelism. I despise those who try to push their beliefs on others whether it be religious, political, social, anything. I hate it. I do love the masterful art of debate and persuasion but coercion--I just despise it. I don't like people who try to convert me to their religious point of view. It really bothers me and always has. So much so that I spent a good part of my life's work . . . my career railing against these very practices. So, my current transitioning lifestyle has me in a pickle. I suppose this is what it feels like to find religion. I want to share it. I want people to come to the dark side. I want to scream, "but don't you see . . ." I want to rip the roast out of the lady in the grocery store's cart. I've gone mad.

Of course, I have more sense than that, so I bring it to you--my like three blog readers. But the fact of the matter is that this isn't religion. It isn't mythology. It is truth. We are doing bad, bad things and meat consumption is at the heart and soul of many of those bad, bad things. So, the usual, let me say something totally asinine and clever to a Vegan response I heard today was, but small farms need animals to complete the life cycle. You know, Heather, fertilizer . . . blah blah. Yes, true. I am not talking about that. In most ways, I totally get it. But your Burger King triple cheeseburger didn't come from some quaint farm where the lovely life cycle of animals and plants is being lived in some idyllic harmony. It came from a horrific, factory farm.

So, the response goes, then go get some meat from a nice harmonious farm. Ok, well here is why that doesn't work for me: 1. It is so expensive. I agree food shouldn't be crazy cheap. But it isn't readily available in my neck of the woods, and it is expensive. 2. I believe plant based diets are better for me and my family health wise. 3. I didn't want to get married until all people could get married but freaking health insurance and tax breaks pretty much forced my hand, but I can do this to be against factory farming. I can do this by goodness.

That leads me to the real crux of the problem. Robert, my husband. I want him to convert with me. I have shown him movies. I have read him articles. I have cooked him lovely meals. I have awakened at 5 in the morning to make him breakfast. It is nearly midnight and I am still up because I am making him lunch and it is taking longer than I expected. I have made it as easy as I can. I don't understand it. I have told him that if he would just give it a few days, his taste buds would reset themselves. I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING I CAN! But he still sneaks Whataburger. Does the hamburger really taste that good? Does it? Then my rational brain says, "You freak, you can't make him share your values." And isn't that the b*tch about love? We want to, right? We want to share the values.

And this is where we have to be the ripe tomato. This is where all we can do is lead by example. I cook the meals. I do the grocery shopping. So, the things I can control I shall. The rest, I have to let pass. So tomorrow, he gets lentils and exotic purple rice for lunch. If he eats it, then he is better off, and if not, then he will have a stomach ache. I can't control him.

Thanks for letting me vent! Tomorrow you get the great cupcake adventure and Earthlings. I promise this time.

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