Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas spirit?

I don't have my usual gusto of Christmas spirit this year. I haven't whipped out the millions of cookies like usual nor have we totally decorated our house (just the essentials). This year has been so busy and so overwhelming for not only my family but also for many families across the country and world. I think that may have dampened our Christmas Spirit. (Of course, let me say that I don't really believe in Christmas as religious holiday, but rather I believe in the spirit of Christmas as a time to celebrate our togetherness as a family and to be thankful for the good things in our lives.)
I was talking on the phone just the other day with a dear friend of mine. She was lamenting her inability to buy a bunch of presents this year . . . the same thing I had done a few weeks earlier. But the truth is that I have plenty of presents under the tree. So, I decided to switch the focus to more family-centric thinking. Another dear friend of mine is setting up games in her home and doing a bunch of really fun Christmas activities. So, we decided that we are going to have a lovely dinner, a traditional reading of the "Night Before Christmas" in front of the fire place, and we are going to spend some game time... then we will get to presents, but it is really about being PRESENT in the same room, at the same time, and getting the gift of one another's company.
I realize that I am just so happy to get to spend the day with my children and my parents and my husband and his parents as well. How lucky am I? How lucky are we all? I don't know if there are any presents under the tree for me (with the exception of the one from my friend in Texas which I already love just because she sent it), but I do know that I have the gift of family. Gosh, I irritate myself just saying that! I know that all the peace and love stuff gets grating. But really, when times are black, we have to look for the silver lining.
I hope you all find yours this Christmas.

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