Saturday, June 7, 2008

Can we have another topic please?

I (heart) self esteem! But, as promised, each month we are going to explore a new topic. I had planned on talking bunches more about meditation this month, but unfortunately I still don't have my audio issues at home worked out.
So, instead, I want to focus this month on "doing the right thing." I could call it compassion for others or having fortitude, but when it comes down to it, our lives are a series of moments that are strung together by what we choose to do when no one is looking. How we behave when we don't have to do the right thing, but we do anyway.
Now, I am not trying to get all moral on you. I may discuss my morals in the process of giving examples, but understand, that doing the right thing does not mean that I am trying to impart my personal morals on anyone. Rather, I want to share with you my journey to finding the strength inside to do what I know I should.

See ya tomorrow for our first doing the right thing post.

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